I am Fanny Neessen, a 28-year-old artist based in Sweden, although I currently spend my days in Southeast Asia.

I started painting as a kid and simply never stopped. I found paint and I found time and slowly I went on teaching myself. I went to the library to learn about painting methods and I spent a lot of  time just staring at artworks trying to figure out how they were made.

I changed art preferences as often as I changed socks, but what never changed was my love and fascination for still life and portraits.

Nowadays most of my works are commissions but I try to find time to work on my original ideas as well, and when I do I think I leave a part of myself in them. Some thoughts, some feelings, whatever runs through my mind while painting. 

I do however believe in giving the viewer the freedom to create their own story behind any painting and make it their own. 

And why the name “Phaniblueā€¯, you wonder. Well, Phani sounds a bit like my name and I look good in blue.